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Jeanne Sorg, Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds
Sent By:
Leann Pettit
Send Date:
10/7/2020 9:30:00 AM
Email Subject:
Deed Scam Targets Montgomery County Home Buyers

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Dear friends,

Montgomery County homeowners have been recent targets of a misleading solicitation mailer from companies such as Property Site based in California. The solicitation offers homeowners a “copy of their Property Assessment Profile” and a “Complimentary Grant Deed or other record of title” for a service fee of $95.

Please do not be misled by these solicitations, which typically target recent home buyers and the elderly.

Montgomery County residents are able to search their property data from home using the Recorder of Deeds Public Access System, and can also search property assessment records for free from the Board of Assessment’s Property Records page:

Additionally, we encourage homeowners to register FraudSleuth, a free service that allows homeowners to set up an online profile which alerts them if a document is recorded against their name or parcel number. Homeowners can learn more about FraudSleuth on the Recorder of Deeds website:

Jeanne Sorg
Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds
President Pennsylvania Recorder of Deeds Association

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Montgomery County homeowners have been recent targets of a misleading solicitation mailer. Read more here: