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Schuylkill River Trail


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Schuylkill River TrailAbout the Trail
The Schuylkill River Trail in Montgomery County is an 18-mile, multi-use trail that runs from Philadelphia to Mont Clare. It was built on the Pennsylvania Railroad right of way and parallels the scenic Schuylkill River as it passes through various townships and boroughs. The trail is a popular destination for biking, rollerblading, jogging, and walking. It is recognized as a National Recreation Trail by the U.S. Department of Interior’s National Trails System.

Once the remaining Pottstown portion of the trail is completed, 22.5 miles of the trail will pass through the county. Chester County is moving forward with its portion of the project, which will eventually result in the completion of a 60-mile continuous portion from Philadelphia to Reading. The long-range goal is a 115-mile trail from Pottsville in Schuylkill County to Philadelphia.

The surface of this trail is is 10 to 12 feet wide and asphalt. View the trail map and brochure.

Schuylkill Canal Towpath
Montgomery County, with the assistance of Upper Providence Township, is working on an exciting new project to restore the historic Schuylkill Canal Towpath in Port Providence and Mont Clare, Montgomery County. Once the restoration is complete, the towpath will serve as a part of the Schuylkill River Trail for walking and off-road bicycling. Road bicycles will be encouraged to share the roadway between Longford Road and Route 29.  Please visit the canal restoration page for project updates.

Points of interest along the Schylkill River Trail include:

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