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2018 Montgomery Award Entry Form

  1. MA Call for Entries 2018 Masthead
  2. We look forward to your nomination for a 2018 Montgomery Award. Please submit this entry form by May 9. Contact Pattie E. B. Guttenplan, RLA, AICP at 610.278.3972 or if you have any questions.
  4. Project Development Data
    (Include all applicable development statistics)
  7. Please provide a detailed description of your project and how it meets the following award criteria:
  8. Design. All projects must exemplify excellence in planning, design, and implementation. Projects will be judged on quality of design, community context, planning concept, environmental sensitivity, and sustainability.
  9. Process. The process involved in completing a project will also be evaluated. This includes achievement of community goals, successful community collaboration, public/private partnerships, funding strategies, outreach, and citizen participation.
  10. Impact. All projects should demonstrate a positive impact to the overall value of the community. This can include economic, environmental, and recreational benefits, increased mobility, improved safety, job creation, enhanced community image, sense of place, and the social, cultural, and economic health of the community.
  12. Please provide the following information for each member of your development team, where applicable. All information must be completed for your primary team members. It is imperative that all data, especially the official company name, be precisely submitted as it should appear in print.
  13. Primary Project Contact
  14. Project Team Members
  15. Owner
  16. Developer
  17. Engineer
  18. Architect
  19. Land Planner
  20. Landscape Architect
  21. Additional Team Members
    (If applicable)
  23. Step 1 - Submit Entry Form
  24. Prior to submitting your form, you have the option of providing your e-mail address. We recommend you give your address to receive a copy of your completed entry form. You also have an option to print the form.
  25. Step 2 - Submit Supporting Materials
  26. We require a site plan for all entries. Digital images and project brochures are not required but assist in the selection process. We prefer all entry materials to be submitted electronically, but we will also accept entries by mail.
  27. Electronic Entries
  28. E-mail the required site plan (pdf) for your project, digital images (high-quality JPEG), and any marketing brochures/materials (pdf) to Please keep in mind that the county e-mail system cannot accept files over 9 MB. When e-mailing multiple images, include the project name in the subject line as well as an indication of how many separate e-mails you are sending (i.e., 1 of 6). As an alternative, you may mail your electronic items on a disc to the address listed below.
  29. Mail Entries
  30. Please mail your required site plan, photographs, and marketing brochures/materials to this address:
  31. Montgomery County Planning Commission
    P.O. Box 311
    Norristown, PA 19404-0311
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