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Support - Superior Court Appeal Submission(s)


    Your Superior Court Notice of Appeal will not be sent to the Superior Court until the required fee of $90.25 is presented to our office in the manner outlined below:

    1. ACH payment through our ACH Payment Portal – There is no fee to utilize this method;
    2. Credit card payment through our Credit Card Payment Portal – There is a convenience fee of 2.50% to utilize this method;
    3. Hand deliver a check to our front desk staff made payable to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.
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  4. Court Below

    Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas

  5. Judicial District


  6. Division

    Montgomery County Domestic Relations

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  9. Please indicate how Superior Court Notice of Appeal Fee was Paid:*
  10. The Domestic Relations Section office will review all submissions within 1-2 business days. It is important to make certain that the Domestic Relations Section office has your correct address and contact information to ensure you receive notifications.
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