Site Background

In 2014, the Horsham and Warrington Township Water Authorities conducted sampling in their public water supply wells, under the EPA third Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule, and discovered PFAS contamination. Past use of aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) is likely the source of the PFAS contamination on site.

In 2016, the EPA lifetime health advisory (HA) of 0.07 µg/L for PFOS or PFOA or combined PFOA and PFOS. Following the EPA lifetime HA: 1. Impacted public wells in the Horsham and Warrington public water supplies were taken off-line and filtration systems installed; 2. Private well users were provided alternative water sources (e.g. bottled water or public water connects); and 3. Site mitigation efforts have occurred.

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1. Site Background
2. What are PFAS?
3. How can people be exposed to PFAS?
4. Will exposure to PFAS harm my health?
5. Should I get my blood tested for PFAS?
6. Can home water filters remove PFAS?
7. What is the potential risk for PFAS in surface water near the site?
8. Are fish near the site safe to eat?
9. What do we know about plants or animals raised in PFAS-contaminated areas?
10. What are safe gardening practices for PFAS-contaminated areas?