I submitted documentation at the conference level. Do I need to resubmit for the hearing?

I submitted documentation at the conference level.  Do I need to resubmit for the hearing? 

Required Documentation For Virtual Support Hearing

  • You must provide all documentation/evidence to our office NO LATER THAN (7) DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED HEARING DATE AND TIME NOTED ON THE ATTACHED ORDER or the Hearing Officer is not required to consider it. Additionally, you may not present this evidence to the Court at a later date if you file support exceptions. 
  • In addition to providing documentation and evidence to the Domestic Relations Section office, parties MUST exchange all documentation and evidence you plan to produce at the hearing at least (10) days prior to the scheduled Virtual Support Hearing. Exhibits not exchanged may not be considered by the Hearing Office.
  • You are required to provide the following:
    • A copy of your current valid driver’s license or other photo identification (i.e. Passport, school ID);
    • A true copy of your most recent Federal and State Income Tax Return, with all schedules and attachments, including W-2’s, 1099’s and K-1’s.
    • Current paystubs. If paystub does not show year to date income, you must produce the last 6 months of paystubs
    • All business tax returns with all schedules and attachments
    • Documentation of Social Security income
    • Documentation of income from Unemployment Compensation
    • Documentation regarding all sources of income including but not limited to the settlement sheet from a bodily injury claim or a worker’s compensation claim; distributions from an inheritance; any means by which you receive income.
    • Verification of child care expenses
    • Verification of the cost of medical insurance
    • Verification of mortgage, taxes and Home Owner’s Insurance costs
    • Private school tuition bills, summer camp, cost of extracurricular activities; costs of religious education.
    • Physician Verification of a health issue that prevents or limits employment
    • Verification of a pending lawsuit for a bodily injury claim or a pending worker’s compensation claim including the insurance carrier, claim number, and the name of your attorney
    • Verification of a pending application for and the status of a claim for Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI)
    • Verification of receipt of and amount of DPW (welfare) benefits.
    • If you have a support obligation in another state, please provide a copy of the order.
    • If you have extraordinary medical expenses for you or a child in your care, copies of those expenses, including the cost of prescription medications.
    • Proof of direct payments to Plaintiff since the date of filing
    • Completed Client Update Sheet
      • When completing this form, please provide your current contact and employment information.
    • Praecipe for Entry of Appearance - Self-Represented Party
      • If you are not currently represented by an Attorney or if your Attorney will not be appearing at the scheduled conference, pursuant to PARule 1930.8 you must complete and return this form prior to your conference.
    • Failure to adhere to these instructions, provide and exchange all required documents and evidence with the Domestic Relations Section office and opposing party, and/or if the required documents and evidence are not received at least (7) days prior to the date of your Virtual Support Hearing, your complaint/petition may be dismissed or an order may be entered/modified.

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7. I submitted documentation at the conference level. Do I need to resubmit for the hearing?
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