How to submit completed support documents to apply for support?

How to submit completed support documents to apply for support?

Options To Apply For Support:

  • E-Services
    • To file a new request for support you may do so by using E-Services on the PA Child Support Website 
    • If you have never registered on the website, you must do so first then submit the Request for Support Services. This will be the most expedited process. Please submit as much information as possible when completing the request. 
    • E-Services allows you to electronically submit requests for a variety of support services. E-Services uses a series of questions to complete documents to be forwarded to Montgomery County Domestic Relations Section (DRS).
  • If you are unable to utilize the E-Services website, you may submit the completed required support documents using the options listed below. You may obtain the required documents here: Complaint For Support Packet - Local
    • Send completed documents to the email address, or
    •  Fax completed documents to 610-239-9637, or
    •  Mail completed documents to: Montgomery County Domestic Relations, PO Box 311, Norristown, PA 19404-0311, or
    • Online completed document upload option - use button below

Upload Button 2

Domestic Relations Document Kiosk

  • You also have the option to submit your documents through the Domestic Relations Document Kiosk located in the lobby of One Montgomery Plaza. See slideshow example below of how to use the kiosk.

Kiosk Home Screen

To complete the filing you will need to provide documents and participate in a Remote Intake Interview. If the Respondent does not reside in Montgomery County (PA) additional forms and documents may be required to proceed with the support request.  Upon the documents being received you will be contacted to schedule the Intake Interview. 

 Please note, you may not take pictures of documents you plan to submit to our office with your mobile device. If you have either an iOS (Apple) or Android smartphone, your device has the ability to "scan" documents from these devices. Follow the below how-to-guides made available by the device manufacturers; 

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