What should be considered when submitting a Public Health project?

An eligible public health project 1) identifies a negative public health impact/harm of the COVID-19 Pandemic, 2) identifies who is impacted, 3) addresses/responds to the identified impact or harm, and 4) reasonably benefits the individual or class impacted. Please see below for additional information. 

Identify Negative Public Health Impact or Harm

What is the Impact or Harm

Who is Impacted or Harmed

Individual or Class

-General Public (COVID-19 Mitigation and Prevention AND Behavioral Health Subcategories)

Presumed Impacted / Disproportionately Impacted

Address or Respond to Identified Impact or Harm

Respond to Disease Itself or Other Public Health Harms that it Caused

Reasonably Benefit Individual or Class

Responsiveness to Intended Beneficiaries

Ability to Address Impact of Harm Experienced by Beneficiaries

Related and Reasonably Proportional to Extent and Type of Public Health Impact of Harm Experienced

-Reasonably Proportional- Scale of Response Compared to Scale of Harm, Targeting to Beneficiaries Compared to Amount of Harm Experienced, Size of Population Impacted, Severity/Type/Duration of Impact, Efficacy/Cost/Cost-Effectiveness/Time to Delivery of Response

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1. What should be considered when submitting a Public Health project?
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