Who is presumed "impacted"?

The term "presumed impacted" means that certain entities have already been deemed to have been impacted by the Pandemic.  Thus, no further analysis has to be performed. Other entities, those not deemed impacted, will need to justify why they have been impacted by the Pandemic in order to potentially receive the Pandemic Recovery Funds

Presumed Impacted

General Public (COVID-19 Mitigation and Prevention AND Behavioral Health Subcategories of Respond to Public Health)

Households with Low- or Moderate-Income

Households that have Experienced Unemployment or Food/Housing Insecurity

Households that Qualify for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Childcare Subsidies through the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Program, or Medicaid Programs

Households that Qualify for Affordable Housing Programs from the National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF) or the Home Investment Partnerships Program (HOME)

Any Student that Lost Access to In-Person Instruction for a Significant Period of Time, for Services to Address Lost Instructional Time in K-12 Schools

Small Businesses or Nonprofits that Experienced- Decreased Revenue or Gross Receipts, Financial Insecurity, Increased Costs, Capacity to Weather Financial Hardship, Challenges Covering Payroll, Rent or Mortgage, and Other Operating Costs

Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality Industries

Other Industries that Experienced at Least Eight Percent Employment Loss from Pre-Pandemic Levels OR Had Comparable or Worse Economic Impacts as did the Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality Industries 

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