What will I have to pay for subsidized child care?
Once your children are enrolled in the subsidized child care program, you must pay a part of the total weekly cost of child care. This is called a co-payment. Your co-payment is based on your gross family income and family size and will be shown on the notice concerning your eligibility. You are responsible for paying your co-payment each week, plus any additional fees charged by your child care provider.

Additional fees can include charges for: registration, transportation, field trips, meals and lateness. Your child care provider can also charge you for the difference between the maximum amount the Child Care Information Service of Montgomery County (CCIS) can pay them and their full rate, if it is higher. You should be sure to ask your child care provider, before signing an agreement, if there will be any additional fees you will have to pay in addition to the CCIS assigned co-payment. If you have additional questions regarding subsidized child care, please call 800-281-1116.

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