How can people be exposed to PFAS?

PFAS contamination may be in drinking water, food, indoor dust, some consumer products, and occupational settings. Most exposures occur through drinking contaminated water or eating food that contains PFAS. Most people in the United States and in other industrialized countries have some PFAS in their blood.

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1. Site Background
2. What are PFAS?
3. How can people be exposed to PFAS?
4. Will exposure to PFAS harm my health?
5. Should I get my blood tested for PFAS?
6. Can home water filters remove PFAS?
7. What is the potential risk for PFAS in surface water near the site?
8. Are fish near the site safe to eat?
9. What do we know about plants or animals raised in PFAS-contaminated areas?
10. What are safe gardening practices for PFAS-contaminated areas?