Who is in charge of Montgomery County?

The legislative and executive arm of the Montgomery County government is the three­ member Board of Commissioners. Elected at ­large for four­ year terms, the three choose one of their members to be chairman. Provisions are made for minority party representation as the electorate votes for two from the four candidates seeking the three positions. If a vacancy occurs, the county judges appoint a replacement. The commissioners name all department heads, as well as most members of the various boards, authorities, and committees. In addition, the commissioners appoint all county employees and, sitting as the Salary Board with the Controller, establish salaries of all employees. The management of county property and all phases of financial administration, except final audit, also rests with the commissioners. They are responsible for the preparation, adoption and execution of the annual budget, as well as for the taxing of all property, both real and personal, for county purposes. They have jurisdiction over County ­maintained roads and bridges and supervision of the Court House and other county ­operated facilities, such as the Youth Center in West Norriton Township.

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1. Who is in charge of Montgomery County?
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