How do I appeal my assessment?
In appealing your assessment the first step is simply completing an assessment appeal form. Appeal forms are available several different ways:
1. online
2. Contact our office at 610-278-3761 Office hours are 8:30 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.
3. You may pick up a form at the Montgomery County Board of Assessment Appeals Office in Norristown, located at One Montgomery Plaza, 3rd floor, Suite 301 425 Swede & Airy Streets.

Deadline for filing an annual appeal is August 1 to be effective for the following tax year.
Filing Fees:
This is a non-refundable processing fee.
Check or money order made payable to: Montgomery County Treasurer for each application.
Single Family Residential or Individually Owned Condominium (excluding apartments) - fifty dollars ($50.00)
Residential (multi-family) (duplexes) - one hundred dollars ($100.00)
Commercial and Industrial (including apartments) - two hundred dollars ($200.00)
Preferentially Assessed Properties (Act 319, Act 515) - fifty dollars ($50.00)
Exemptions - two hundred dollars ($200.00)

There are two different types of appeals:
1. Annual - You have the right to appeal your assessment once a year. The deadline for filing is August 1 to be effective for the following year. Annual appeal hearings start in May and must be heard by October 31.
2. Interim - Appeals must be filed within 40 days of the mailing date stated on the assessment change notice.
It is important that the appeal form be completed accurately, indicating the location of the property appealed, the parcel number (the parcel number may appear as the account number on your tax bill), list any unavailable dates, include your daytime telephone number in case we have any questions, your opinion of MARKET VALUE, and the name and address to which the notice of the hearing should be mailed. Make sure you have signed the appeal form. A separate form must be used for each property and parcel number being appealed.

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