What happens if I don't agree with the Board's decision?
The property owner and taxing authorities have thirty (30) days from the mailing date on the notice of the Board’s decision to file a Petition with the Court of Common Pleas of Montgomery County. Neither the Board of Assessment Appeals nor the Prothonotary may offer advice or instruction on how to proceed with an appeal. If you are not represented by counsel, you can research court rules and procedures at the Law Library located on the Lower Plaza Level of the County Court house. The telephone number for the library is 610-278-3806. Or you may contact the Montgomery Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service to obtain a referral to an attorney qualified to handle an assessment appeal. Their telephone number is 610-279-9660, ext. 201. You may also request a referral online at http://www.montgomerybar.org

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18. What happens if I don't agree with the Board's decision?
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