What kind of experience does a CHDO have to possess?
A CHDO must demonstrate the capacity to carry out HOME development projects by displaying a development track record, hiring experienced development staff, or by hiring experienced consultants with a plan to train the CHDO development staff. The CHDO must also have at least one year of experience serving its HOME target community prior to receiving HOME funds. Since some CHDOs are likely to be new organizations established specifically for HOME, they can inherit their required one year of community service from a parent organization, such as an existing community development corporation (CDC), a human service organization (such as a local United Way or a United Way affiliate), a community land trust, a church group, etc. Church organizations can create and sponsor CHDOs, but CHDOs must be secular, and CHDO projects must be available to any eligible low-income household regardless of religious affiliation.

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1. What is a CHDO?
2. Are there requirements for community participation in CHDO's?
3. What kind of experience does a CHDO have to possess?
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