What is a CHDO?
A CHDO is a private nonprofit organization with a 501(c) federal tax exemption, and a CHDO must also provide decent, affordable housing to low-income households as a purpose in its charter, articles of incorporation, or by-laws. It must serve a specific, delineated geographic area; such as a neighborhood, several neighborhoods, or the entire community. Merely serving certain population groups (by ethnicity, race, age or gender) does not qualify. Note on the 501 (c): participating jurisdictions cannot contract with nonprofits as CHDOs with pending 501 (c) applications.

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1. What is a CHDO?
2. Are there requirements for community participation in CHDO's?
3. What kind of experience does a CHDO have to possess?
4. Can local governments create CHDOs?
5. Can for-profit organizations create CHDO's?
6. Why should a participating jurisdiction work with CHDOs?
7. Is the PJ limited to only 15 percent for CHDOs?
8. Is nonprofit participation limited to the CHDO set-aside?
9. What can CHDOs do with HOME funds?
10. Can CHDOs do things that other HOME program participants cannot?
11. Are there additional eligible program uses for HOME funds in CHDO projects?
12. Who will pay a CHDO for carrying out CHDO set-aside projects?
13. Are there other benefits available to CHDOs?
14. Are there non-HOME benefits from becoming a CHDO?