How do I get child support?

Option 1:

To file a new request for support you may do so by using E-Services on the PA Child Support Website, If you have never registered on the website, you must do so first then submit the Request for Support Services. This will be the most expedited process. Please submit as much information as possible when completing the request.  

Option 2:

In the event you are unable to submit online, MCDRS accepts filings via email, fax, mail, or the self-service kiosk located in the lobby of the Domestic Relations Section.  You must complete the required forms: Application for Support Services; Intake Information Questionnaire/Data Sheet; and a Complaint for Support. The forms must be legibly completed, in their entirety.  If the request includes APL you must also submit a time-stamped copy of the Divorce Complaint or Answer and Counterclaim.  

Pennsylvania Child Support Program.

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1. How do I get child support?
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