Does Pennsylvania recognize common-law marriages?
This question should be referred to an attorney.

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1. What about prior marriages?
2. Who must file the marriage return?
3. How do I request a duplicate marriage license?
4. We are getting married on an island or in another state. Where do we get our marriage license?
5. Can I register my marriage in Pennsylvania if it takes place in another country or state?
6. Is there a central registry of marriage in Pennsylvania?
7. I live in Montgomery County but my marriage is taking place in another county in Pennsylvania. Where can I get my marriage license?
8. Do I need a licensed minister or priest to perform my marriage ceremony?
9. How do I get a self-uniting license?
10. Does Pennsylvania recognize common-law marriages?
11. At what age is a person no longer a minor in Pennsylvania?
12. Why do you need my social security number (SSN) to apply for a marriage license?
13. What if I have a SSN but refuse to provide it?
14. What happens if I do not have a social security number (SSN)?
15. Marriage applications are public record. I do not want my SSN given out to the public.