Planning Commission


One Montgomery Plaza
2nd Floor
Norristown, PA 19404



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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Bice, Marley Community Planning Assistant Manager 610-278-3740  
Caddick, Karina Assistant Administrator 610-278-3732  
Caramenico, Donna Recycling Planner II 610-278-3743  
Cartier, Robert GIS Cartographer 610-278-3263  
Chavous, Kevin Design Planner II 610-278-3731  
Crimm, Naomi Community Planner II 610-278-3748  
Edmond, Matthew Assistant Director of Transportation & Long-Range Planning 610-278-3742  
Fabry, Donna Principal Trails & Open Space Planner 610-278-3445  
Feehily, Erin Design Planning Assistant Manager 1-610-278-3757  
France, Scott Executive Director 610-278-3747  
Guarna, Juliana Principal Graphic Designer II 610-278-3752  
Guttenplan, Pattie E. B. Assistant Director of Design & Outreach 610-278-3972  
Harris, Veronica Recycling Manager 610-278-3744  
Hartman, Bill Trails & Open Space Planning Manager 610-278-3746  
Jarrell, R. Eric Community Planning Manager 610-278-3745  
Jeffries, Barry Senior Design Planner 610-278-3444  
Konetchy, Timothy Community Planner II 610-292-4917  
Lamberti, Ryan Environmental Planner 610-278-3729  
Leavitt-Gruberger, Anne County Planning Manager 610-278-3727  
Lesher, Jon Environmental Planning Assistant Manager 610-278-3750  
Lubitz, Matt Community Planner II 610-278-3738  
McKelvey, Rita Principal Communications Manager 610-278-3753  
McLay, William Senior GIS Cartographer 610-278-3485  
McLean, Robin Administrator 610-278-3726  
Meehan, Ann Marie Administrative Executive Assistant 610-278-3724  
Miramontes, Ellen Senior Trails & Open Space Planner 610-278-3486  
Miklos, John Community Planner II 610-278-3554  
Mohr, Chloe Senior Community Planner 610-278-3739  
Narcowich, Michael Community Planning Assistant Manager II 610-278-5238  
Olszak, Brian Principal Trails & Open Space Planner 610-278-3737  
Popek, Matthew Transportation Planning Assistant Manager 610-278-3730  
Sendel-Grant, Laureen Principal Transportation Planner 610-278-3734  
Shaw, Drew Environmental Planning Manager 610-278-3733  
Somers, Anastasia Principal Graphic Designer II 610-278-3239  
Staub, Timothy Senior Community Planner 1-610-278-3751  
Turner, Andrew Transportation Planner 610-278-3638  
Warner, Claire Senior Community Planner 610-278-3755  
Woodyard, Troy A. Principal Graphic Designer II 610-278-3529  
Zbyszinski, Stephen Senior Farmland Preservation Planner 610-278-5960