Campaign Finance

Reporting Financial Activities During the Campaign

Candidates are responsible for keeping careful records of all contributions received and any expenditures made in support of their run for office. Simply put, any financial activities directed toward influencing an election must be reported. This not only includes the candidate, but committees and private individuals as well.

Opening a Committee

Often a candidate will authorize a committee to accept contributions and make expenditures on his or her behalf. This committee must have a chair and a treasurer. Forms for opening a committee are available at the Election Board office or can be obtained from this website.

Reporting Contributions / Expenses

A campaign finance reporting schedule is mandated by law and due dates are specified as follows:

  • Sixth Tuesday Pre-Primary / Election (Statewide Offices only)
  • Second Friday Pre-Primary / Election
  • Thirty Day Post Primary/Election
  • Annual Report
  • For Local Candidates/Committees, reports should be filed with Voter Services in Norristown.

Campaign Finance Instructions

Campaign finance obligations can seem daunting for both new candidates and incumbent officials. Before filing, we highly recommend you review this handy FAQ (linked) via the Pennsylvania Department of State's Resource page.

If receipts and/or expenditures during a specific reporting period exceed $250, a report of these must be filed. If the amount is less than $250, a statement is filed in lieu of a report. Again, the report forms and statement forms are available in the Election Board office or can be obtained from this website.

Please note: During COVID-19, the Pennsylvania Department of State has replaced the notarization requirement for campaign finance with an unsworn declaration. For more details and forms, please visit the PA Department of State website HERE.

Filing Campaign Finance Reports

Campaign finance reports are only accepted in a digital format. Filers can email their reports to or upload them to our Contact Us Form.

Viewing Campaign Finance Reports Online

For Statewide Candidates, please click here. 

To view the 2023 records for Montgomery County  that have been scanned and catalogued to date, please click here. 

We are in the process of making our 2023 campaign finance reports available online. Reports for candidates running for Countywide offices, Common Pleas Judge, Magisterial District Judge as well as reports for various Committees are online. Schools Board Candidates, Committees and PACs along with Municipal Candidate filings will be added throughout late June and early July.

To view archival campaign finance records for Montgomery County Countywide Offices/Officials, please click here. 

Requesting Records 

To request a copy of campaign finance records that are not available in the online portal, you can complete the Contact Us form,  email us at, call us at 610-278-3280 (option 4), or make a request in person during office hours. Files can be viewed in our office, copies provided, or we can send files via email.