Adoption & Foster Care

Adoption in Montgomery County

The Montgomery County Office of Children and Youth provides adoption services in an effort toward permanency for children who are served by the child welfare system. Our foster / adopt program seeks to recruit, educate, and support individuals and couples as dually certified foster and adoptive resources for children.

Successful foster / adopt parents maintain open communication with the children in their care, the agency, and birth family members. They are willing to work closely with birth family members toward reunification. If the court decides that reunification efforts should end due to lack of progress toward this goal, the foster parents (with the agency's support) will be ready to initiate the adoption process. In this way, children are more quickly provided with a stable, permanent home and they are less likely to suffer the losses associated with multiple placements. Due to the nature of our program, resource families must reside locally.

If you would like more information on how to adopt a child from foster care in PA, please contact 1-800-585-SWAN or visit the Pennsylvania Adoption Exchange.

Foster Care

Most children are served at home and families remain intact. When safety prohibits children from remaining at home, out-of-home placement may be necessary. Children and Youth Department staff recruit, study, train, and inspect foster homes to ensure the safety of the children residing there. Why not open your hearts and homes to a child that needs you?

The Montgomery County Office of Children and Youth needs foster parents to provide temporary care to children and to work with birth parents. When foster care is needed the Office of Children and Youth tries to keep a child in their same community to provide stability and to facilitate family reunification. The goal of foster care is to provide for the child's safety and well being while efforts are made to reunite the child with their family.

If you are interested in learning more about foster parenting, please fill out the Foster Parent Inquiry Form. You may also contact our foster home recruiter, Bill Carroll, at 610-278-5800 or email him.