Mosquito Control

Integrated Mosquito Management

Mosquito control of both immature and adult mosquitoes is an essential part of the Montgomery County Office of Public Health's Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) approach. Our emphasis is on the control of immature mosquitoes using biological forms of larvicide. However, since mosquitoes are relentless at finding very small hidden areas to breed, adult control is also necessary.

Using Proper Mosquito Control Products

When conducting mosquito control a variety of products need to be employed to control mosquitoes at all life stages. It is essential to understand both mosquito biology and the mode in which various products function. Using the proper control product at the proper life stage will make the difference between controlling mosquitoes or not.

When mosquito populations, viral activity, mosquito species, and site history dictate that an imminent human health threat exists, adult control will be deployed. The active ingredients in our adult control products are synthetic pyrethroids, which replicate the mosquito fighting properties of pyrethrum, an extract of the chrysanthemum flower.

All mosquito control applications are performed by trained certified applicators that specialize in the protection of public health.

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