Groundwater Monitoring

What is Groundwater Monitoring Program?

Water quantity and quality are important to the health and welfare of all county residents. As such, the Montgomery County Health Department (MCHD) Division of Water Quality Management (WQM) in collaboration with the United States Geological Service (USGS) has developed a groundwater monitoring program for the county.Information collected from this network will assist MCHD in assessing water quantity trends allowing for issuance of drought status.

The Groundwater Watch map has been shut down.  For reasons why and alternative related information, please click here.

To access groundwater levels in Montgomery County click here.

Monitoring Well Network Criteria

Groundwater Monitor MeasurementThe program began in July 2005 and includes a network of eight-een wells of average depth. The selected wells are currently not in use and not impacted by large groundwater withdrawals such as public water wells or irrigation wells for golf courses. The network well locations generally represent the major geological formations in the county. The wells are located on public and private properties. MCHD is always looking for additional wells to add to our network. If you know of any wells that may fit the criteria mentioned above, please contact us at (610)278-5117.

Groundwater Monitoring Program Procedure

WQM staff conduct monitoring inspections on the second Tuesday of every month regardless of weather conditions. The water table is measured by accessing the well and lowering an electronic monitoring probe down the casing to measure the water level. The process takes approximately 10 minutes. The collected data is added to a database for reference and the results are currently available for review on the link above. The results are also formatted in graphs indicating depth in feet below the ground surface. The results will assist MCHD staff in developing localized drought status levels such as Watch, Warning and Emergency during times of extended low precipitation.