Parent and Infant Resource Guide

The Montgomery County Parent and Infant Resource Guide (en Espanol) contains maternal and child health resource information. The purpose of the guide is to encourage and foster collaboration and communications among service providers to help minimize redundant services, provide services to all Montgomery County residents, and assist customers in determining what is in the best interest of his/her own family.

The Parent and Infant Resource Guide is sponsored by the Montgomery County Office of Public Health and the Montgomery County Alliance for Healthy Babies. The Alliance for Healthy Babies is comprised of county human service agencies, hospitals, nonprofit organizations, and concerned citizens.

Montgomery County Oral Health Care Task Force

The Montgomery County Oral Health Care Task Force was formed in 2004. The task force mission is “To advance the oral health and well-being of Montgomery County residents by eliminating oral health disparities, facilitating the utilization of existing resources, and supporting initiatives to enhance and increase oral health care programs.”

The task force created a Dental Resource Guide, which was funded by the Montgomery Bucks Dental Society. This guide provides information on low-cost dental services available to county residents. Other activities completed by the task force and future planned activities can be found in the 2004-2007 Activities Report. The task force meets every other month; all persons are welcome to attend.

If you are interested in serving on the task force or if you have any issues regarding oral health you would like the task force to address, please send an email or call 610-278-5117.

Montgomery County Suicide Prevention Taskforce

The Suicide Prevention Taskforce develops strategies to reduce the risk of suicide in Montgomery County through the collaborative efforts of community agencies and service providers.