MCCF Library Services

Montgomery County Correctional Facility Library
Montgomery County Correctional Facility provides library services for its inmate population. Inmates have access to a recreational library on a weekly basis where they are able to sign out recreational books and browse reference materials, phone books, newspapers, and various magazine selections.

Law library services are also provided to inmates upon request. Inmates are provided access to law materials to assist them with their access to courts.

Materials Sent from Outside Sources
  • Inmates are permitted to have two books and two magazines sent to them via friends and family.
  • Please do not send any items until you verify with the inmate that it has been approved.
  • All books and magazines must be sent / shipped directly from any of the facility's approved vendors. Items coming from third-party sellers and not clearly identified will be returned to the sender. Our approved vendors are the following:
    • Barnes & Noble
    • Amazon
    • Books-A-Million
  • If an inmate has reached their book limit on their account, in order for them to be approved for new items he/she must first have their account cleared. Items may be donated, sent home or disposed of through the Library. 
  • Any packages that have not been approved, are inappropriate, or exceed limits will be returned to sender.

For any other details regarding the library, please refer to the inmate guidelines.