Furlough Regulations

Rules & Regulations for Furlough
  • You must be on the program at least 30 days, be incident-free, and have an up-to-date account to be considered for a furlough.
  • Furlough must be approved by the warden, assistant warden, or designee.
  • If you are on the Community Service Program, we must obtain the approval of the sentencing judge.
  • You will not partake of any intoxicating liquors, including beer, or drugs / medications while on furlough. Any cost incurred for urine drug testing will be deducted from the inmate and/or work release account.
  • You must carry with you a copy of the order by the judge granting the current furlough.
  • You must be on time when returning from furlough.
  • If you should encounter any difficulty while on furlough, telephone the Correctional Facility at 610-630-9390 and immediately give the shift commander all the facts.
  • You must provide the name, address, relationship, and telephone number of the person with which you are staying on furlough. It must be an approved address and phone number where you can be contacted. Cell telephone numbers will not be acceptable.
  • You must be available for messages at the telephone number and address listed.
  • You will be under a curfew rule of 11 p.m. at your furlough address.
  • You will return immediately to the institution from furlough, if ordered to do so.
  • You will not frequent any establishment that serves alcoholic beverages.
  • Any change of furlough information will require prior approval.
  • Any violation of any stated regulation is a misconduct that could result in loss of furlough, loss of good time, and/or imposed sanctions or removal from the Work Release Program.