Work Release / Community Work Program

Work Release Program Details
The Work Release / Community Work Program was established in 1968. It has grown from a few inmates in its inception to a program that now provides meaningful employment and work for over 250 sentenced male and female inmates.

The Work Release Program is minimum security incarceration that provides an individual the opportunity to maintain employment and assist in the continued support to his/her family during the incarceration period. It also provides a means of paying fines and costs during this same period.

Income Earned
All monies earned will be deposited in your work release account, to be distributed as follows on a weekly basis. Any deviation will be discussed during your work release interview.  
  • Room and board to the offered (seven days a week)                    
  • Travel and other necessary expenses                                    
  • Fines and costs to clerk of courts                                         
  • Administrative fee                                                               
  • Balance, if any, to be paid to you can be disbursed once a week

Transportation Availability
SEPTA bus #93 is accessible to the Norristown transportation. The schedule is posted or available on the SEPTA website.

Driving Yourself
If you wish to drive, you must provide a copy of a valid driver's license, proof of insurance, and proof of ownership of the vehicle or a notarized permission slip from the vehicle owner. Once verified it will take approximately one to three days for approval.

Travel Time
Travel time will be determined upon mode of transportation and location of employment.

Employment Outside the State
If your employment is outside of Pennsylvania you will not be permitted to go to work until permission is granted from your sentencing judge.