MCCF Mental / Behavioral Health Services

Partnership for Mental / Behavioral Health Services

The correctional facility has established a partnership with Prime Care and the Montgomery County Behavioral Health / Developmental Disabilities Department to accomplish a team approach for planning and working with mental health clients who are identified and incarcerated in the Montgomery County Correctional Facility.

The facility electronically communicates all inmate admissions to the Montgomery County Behavioral Health / Developmental Disabilities Department so they may identify those receiving mental health services. This innovative and new approach involves the assessment, planning, identification, and coordination of community resources.

County & Community Agencies
The program also provides for the involvement of multiple county and community agencies. These agencies are:

Each agency has defined roles to meet the needs of the clients. This team approach also involves information sharing among judges, attorneys, and adult probation and mental health professionals. The correctional facility administration also provides specialized training for custody and treatment staff through mental health agencies.  

Mental Health Goal
Our unified goal is to ensure that all mental health clients who meet the criteria for the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services target population and are at Montgomery County Correctional Facility will have their treatment and community support needs met.

The goal is that through this collaborative process all of the target population mental health clients will leave the prison with a community support plan. Additionally, we hope this process will assist the Montgomery County Correctional Facility staff in their efforts to provide care for their mental health clients.