The Montgomery County Security Force operates on a 24/7-basis. The force provides round-the-clock security to the Court House as well as all of the other county buildings and facilities.

Security operates the X-ray scanners at the Court House, the Domestic Relations Center, and the Youth Center during regular business hours. The dedicated individuals who work for the Security Department work to ensure the safety of county employees and visitors.

Screening & Monitoring Visitors

The Security Force is also responsible for screening visitors and monitoring the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) operations at the Court House, One Montgomery Plaza, the Willow Grove Annex, and the Public Library.

The security supervisors assigned to off-hour shifts have the responsibility to respond to all alarms, both fire and intrusion, that become activated at county buildings. They are also responsible for contacting and coordinating the appropriate emergency response units.


The Security Force at the county works to provide safety and protection to everyone on county property.