Mission Statement

The mission of the Peter Wentz Farmstead is to preserve the landscape, artifacts and architecture of this Pennsylvania German farm in order to educate and inspire the public through tours, exhibits, and programs.  

 Specifically, the Farmstead seeks to preserve and interpret the history of the Wentz property as a Pennsylvania German farm, with special emphasis on the eighteenth century; the history of the families who resided here and the ways in which they participated in local, regional;, and national events; particularly the Wentz’ involvement in the Revolutionary War as temporary hosts to George Washington; and, the Wentz house as an example of eighteenth –century German-Georgian vernacular architecture.  

 Collections Priorities

  1. Items pertaining to the history of the Wentz, Schultz, and Rothenberger families
  2. Items pertaining to the history of the Wentz/Schultz Farms
  3. Items pertaining to the early history of agriculture in Montgomery County
  4. Items relating to the lifestyle of Pennsylvania Germans in this region
  5. Items relating to the occupation of the farm in the Revolutionary War era