Trail Challenge Testimonials

Great for all ages

"Thank you for opening up my horizons and making my spring, summer, and fall so much more exciting and invigorating. I walked some of the trails many times, and tried to get to all of the trails at least once. I’m very disappointed that I didn’t quite make that goal. But I am looking forward to trying again next year! (I am 87 years old, and increased the amount of time that I could walk from 30 minutes when I started to an hour by the end of the challenge.)"

Boundless benefits

“I completed the challenge with a friend. In addition to the social, physical, and mental benefits we experienced, we enjoyed learning more about the history of Montgomery County and grew to appreciate how truly beautiful our "backyard" really is.”

Achieve more

"Not long before the 2020 lockdown, a friend of mine and I attended a meeting by the County Commissioners to get an update on accomplishments and ongoing projects in Montgomery County.  During that meeting, I received a flyer about the Trail Challenge.  My husband and I completed it for the first time and enjoyed it.  We liked seeing different parks in the area and we developed a habit of weekly hikes.  Then, during lockdown, we were able to explore those different parks more thoroughly and, with the smart thinking of the Trail Challenge team, continue doing The Challenge in an adapted way.  This habit of weekly hikes and completing The Challenge continued, and last fall we attempted a new goal.  We trained and then hiked the 75+ miles of the New Jersey section of the Appalachian Trail!  It was a difficult, but fun accomplishment for us and it all started with the Montco Trail Challenge!"

Rediscover the world around you

“I can’t say enough about what joy this added to my life! It was a fun way to get out and move and it added newness and novelty to our lives in a time when it has been much appreciated! The challenge aspect was motivating for me and pushed me to venture out, instead of sticking with what I already know. I’m already looking forward to sharing this with family and friends next year!”

Family-friendly adventures

"This was fun and a challenge to participate in. It was also something enjoyable for my grown son and I to do together. Hoping to do it again next year!"

Reduce screentime

"As a family of six with young kids we already always encouraging others to get out and visit our local trails."

Explore your community

"Thanks so much for another Trail Challenge. I didn't get as many trails as in the past (big win was finding the new Schuylkill West site), but I had a great time wandering the County and getting much sunshine, miles run, and seeing how many people LOVE the Montco trails. Thanks!"

Discover new interests

"When I travel especially out of state or out of the country I research and find trails to walk or hike on. Participating in this challenge each year broadened my interest of trails wherever I go." 

A tail-wagging good time

"I did this challenge with my dog. It was great to visit trails outside of those we normally walk. We found a few that we will definitely visit again. But, we did find that some of the nicest ones were still those closest to home (Green Ribbon Trail, Zacharias Creek, and Norristown Farm Park). Thank you for putting this together and giving us the impetus to wander a bit farther afield!"

Explore what’s out there

"I love that you are doing this! I feel so fortunate that Montgomery County has invested in a trail system that provides safe, beautiful spaces to exercise and enjoy nature. Thank you!"

Motivation for a healthier lifestyle

"Thanks for sponsoring this program - it consistently motivated me to be in nature and adopt more healthy behaviors."

Discover the great unknown

“This was a WONDERFUL Challenge! I traveled from Berks County to Montgomery County - an area that was completely new to me.”