Norristown Community Facilities Project

Recovery Office Initiative

The Montgomery County Recovery Plan allocates $7 million to provide a centralized facility or facilities space for community services and recreation serving the Norristown community. The County Recovery Office will work directly with the Norristown community to coordinate planning, design, and implementation of this project that responds to needs expressed by the community. 

This process will catalogue existing Norristown assets and resources, review current plans and projects in design or underway, identify community needs, and assist the community in determining the best use of these funds to support a shared vision.  

The $7 million allocated is not designated to a specific organization or location at this time, and could be used for renovation of existing space or other projects, as determined by the community. 


  • Collect Norristown community input as to what should be included in a community “hub” facility, establishing program of requirements to inform design. 
  • Conduct community facility asset study to establish inventory of available physical building assets in Norristown, providing conditional surveys of designated existing facilities in Norristown. 
  • Develop design plan for renovation and / or construction of facility/-ies based on program of requirements and incorporating sustainable plan for operations. 
  • Renovate and / or construct community center facility/-ies fulfilling program of requirements in line with design plan.


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Plan updated 7/12/23

February, 2023Publish survey to collect information from Norristown Community
February  28, 2023First Community meeting to kick off project, present plan
May, 2023Publish Requests For Proposals for:  
  • Community stakeholder management consultant                                                                                             
  • Asset inventory study + design (architect / planning / engineering firm
February - June2023Collect survey data; publish results
June-July, 2023Secure asset inventory + stakeholder study consultant; commence study
May - August, 2023Once monthly status update community meeting (virtual / in-person)  
  • Identify stakeholder committee 
September, 2023Physical Asset and community service reports complete
June - October, 2023Design programming meetings (w/ stakeholders) and documentation (concept phase)
September - November, 2023Schematic Design phase 
  • Includes design proposals taking into asset inventory, program of requirements, stakeholder presentations 
  • Deliver sustainable operations plan (meaning: who will run facility/-ies after completion?)
November - December, 2023Design plan adoption through stakeholder meetings and confirm feasibility of operations plan. 
  • Identify plan to transition from County Recovery Office project management to facility operator, including timeframe
January  – March, 2024Design Development for facility/-ies construction / renovations 
  • Architect will produce plans for consideration / approval by Community stakeholder committee

March - September, 2024 Construction Documents 
  • Architect will produce plans for consideration / approval by Community stakeholder committee

October 2024 – February, 2025Procurement for construction contractors 
February, 2025 – June, 2026 Construction completed