Types of Grant Program Options

Streamlined Grant Program for Norristown/ Pottstown Businesses

  • Businesses with a physical location in qualifying census tracts (most of Norristown and Pottstown) are eligible for grant funds up to $10,000 through a streamlined process.
  • Businesses do not need to provide documentation of financial impact due to the pandemic but must meet the basic eligibility.
  • To qualify, businesses must submit their most recently filed tax return and still be in operation as of 11/1/22.
  • If the business’s most recently reported net revenue is lower than $10,000, their grant award will be equal to their reported net revenue.

Impacted Businesses (any location within Montgomery County)

  • All qualifying businesses located in Montgomery County are eligible for grant funds up to $20,000 so long as they can demonstrate a financial impact to their business as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which could include:
    • Decreased revenue or gross receipts
    • Financial insecurity
    • Increased costs
    • Capacity to weather financial hardship
    • Challenges covering payroll, rent or mortgage, and other operating costs
  • Businesses must be able to show a net revenue loss for the fiscal year 2020 OR fiscal year 2021, compared to the fiscal year 2019. If this documentation is not available, other submitted documentation must show a net revenue loss to the business directly as a result of the pandemic or related economic impacts.
  • This grant is available to any business that meets the small business eligibility defined for this program, in any location in the County. Businesses in Norristown and Pottstown are eligible to apply for this grant program instead of the “streamlined” program if they can demonstrate losses greater than $10,000. 
  • If the business’s financial losses are greater than or equal to $20,000, grant awards will be $20,000. Otherwise, grant awards will be for the amount of the reported financial loss.

Restaurant Revitalization Fund Rescinded Applications

The Recovery Office is aware that some restaurants were awarded funds under the 2021 ARPA-funded Small Business Association- Restaurant Revitalization Fund (SBA RRF) whose loans were later rescinded as a result of litigation against the SBA.

The Recovery Office may be able to make awards available to restaurants located in Montgomery County in this situation given that funds were originally awarded from ARPA and because approved loans were later rescinded through no fault of the business owner. If a restaurant owner believes this situation applies to them (that is, they have proof of their approved and rescinded loan from the 2021 ARPA SBA RRF) please contact the Recovery Office by November 30, 2022.