Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) Team

The Department of Public Safety's Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) Team was built at the intersection of public safety, public health, and healthcare delivery. The team works collaboratively with the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Public Health, and numerous other County resources that have substantial reach and ability. MIH aims to serve where gaps are found in local infrastructure and systems, often prevalent amongst the most vulnerable populations. The team also works to relieve stress on the EMS, law enforcement, and emergency department systems that are frequently overutilized and understaffed.

When drawing up the plans for the MIH Team, a primary goal was set: to achieve accessible and equitable patient-centered care. MIH was originally created to help those impacted by the opioid epidemic but had to pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist with the vaccination of vulnerable populations. After the vaccine became widely available, the MIH Team hit the ground running with additional programming that matches its core mission. MIH will strive to reduce unnecessary health-related expenditures, improve health outcomes, streamline sustainable access to care, transform the delivery of healthcare, and increase comprehensive resource sharing. 

MIH utilizes paramedics with knowledge and experience working in the field to deliver a consistent medical product to those with whom we interact. Our MIH paramedics have all required PA state licenses necessary for unrestricted medical command, as well as additional specialized training in mental health first aid and community paramedicine.

Mobile Integrated Health

On September 12, 2022, the Montgomery County Overdose Response Team (MCORT) began operations as a branch of MIH. MCORT consists of a contracted Crisis Worker, cross-trained as a Certified Recovery Specialist, and an MIH paramedic who work together to respond to emergency incidents involving individuals with a substance use disorder. MCORT's goals when interacting with a patient are streamlined placement in a long-term rehabilitation facility or implementation of harm reduction tools.

Contact the Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) Team

Phone: (610) 631-3079

Dr. Alvin Wang
Chief Medical Officer & Regional EMS Medical Director
Phone: (610) 631-3098