Recovery Office Initiatives

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania established the Recovery Office (RO) to guide the County’s recovery work by ensuring the $161 million in federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds the County received are managed in a responsible, effective, and equitable matter.

The County is committed to utilizing current and future funding from Federal or State sources in a bold, innovative, equitable manner. By listening to our residents, and community partners, researching best practices, and leveraging other resources, we will create impactful initiatives, investments, and infrastructure improvements that will have a long-term, measurable, and sustainable impact. 

The Montgomery County Recovery Office creates and follows an inclusive, objective, collaborative, and transparent process to identify and select initiatives to fund and manage expenditures responsibly.

Grant Programs funded through the Recovery Plan

The Pandemic Recovery Fund (ARPA SLRF) included a number of grant programs available to community partners and individuals:

Information on how to apply for these grant programs will be posted here and shared with the community as those processes are determined. 

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