Plan Pillars

The work toward the Racial Equity Action Plan (REAP) is organized around several key areas of focus, or “pillars,” which provide a framework for action. Equity underlies each pillar and informs the strategic directions in each. The pillars are: 

  • Workforce Equity:  Montgomery County is an equitable, inclusive and thriving employer that is representative of community demographics. 
  • Capacity Building:  Montgomery County’s organizational policies, processes, and DEI infrastructure create the conditions for sustainable equity and inclusion across all levels of County government and institutions, including a specific focus on policies and practices that impact racial equity in the criminal justice system. 
  • Communication:  Montgomery County employees and residents (stakeholders?) understand the County’s racial equity goals and how they can participate in advancing those goals as a result of honest and transparent communication. 
  • Community Engagement and Service: Montgomery County residents and community stakeholders are engaged, and their voices are centered in the decisions where they would be most impacted. 
  • Data, Technology, Assessment, and Ongoing Improvement:  Equity and accountability structures are operationalized, and data disaggregated by race is available to measure success and inform decisions.