2022 Montgomery Award Recipients

Congratulations to our 2022 Montgomery Award winners! Five outstanding projects and an exceptional planning and design advocate received 2022 Montgomery Awards. These awards recognize the best in planning and design in Montgomery County and acknowledge the high quality of work and commitment of communities, organizations, and professionals in contributing to these exceptional projects. Since the Montgomery Awards program was initiated in 1967, a total of 233 awards have been presented throughout Montgomery County.

2022 MA Webpage_2022 The Grove at Meadowood

The Grove at Meadowood
Worcester Township

The Grove at Meadowood, an exceptional contemporary senior living development, received a 2022 Montgomery Award for vision and master planning, innovative design, and environmental stewardship. As part of the Meadowood Senior Living, The Grove represents a key element of a decades-long master planning effort. This appealing community features state-of-the-art housing units, a central gathering space with an attractively landscaped stormwater pond, new trail connections, and preservation of a historic cemetery. This development, which seamlessly blends into the Meadowood community, provides many outdoor amenities that promote the health and well-being of its residents while providing a beautiful living environment. Project Video

Ironworks at Pencoyd Landing

Ironworks at Pencoyd Landing
Lower Merion Township

Ironworks at Pencoyd Landing, a groundbreaking riverfront project, received a 2022 Montgomery Award for innovative reuse, sustainable design, and extensive public amenities. This brownfield redevelopment project, successfully revived an underutilized industrial site into a modern day hospitality destination, including a 7-story hotel, associated restaurants, and riverside trail and gathering space, while bringing new purpose to the site’s many unique industrial relics. This project, representing a benchmark for the ongoing transformation of the Schuylkill River frontage in Lower Merion Township, will ensure the continued success of the riverfront as a vibrant destination. Project Video

Whites Road Park Accessible Playground

Whites Road Park Accessible Playground
Upper Gwynedd Township

Whites Road Park Accessible Playground, part of a Lansdale-owned park located in Upper Gwynedd Township, received a 2022 Montgomery Award for sustained vision, accessible and inclusive design, and community collaboration and impact. This outstanding playground meets the needs of children of all ages and abilities while improving stormwater management and ADA access. The playground welcomes everyone and has been quickly embraced by residents of both Lansdale and Upper Gwynedd. Through sustained vision, consideration of community needs, and successful collaboration, this excellent recreational asset brings new life to this portion of Whites Road Park, which will continue to evolve to meet community needs. Project Video

2022 MA Webpage_Willows at East Greenville

The Willows at East Greenville
East Greenville Borough

The Willows at East Greenville received a 2022 Montgomery Award for housing equity, adaptive reuse and historic preservation, and community collaboration. This exceptional project created 71 high-quality units of mixed-income rental housing in East Greenville Borough and transformed a deteriorated building, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, into an appealing and affordable place to live. Under National Park Service guidelines, this project boasts exposed beams and walls, over 500 new windows specially designed to fit into existing openings, and refurbished fire doors. Recognizing a need for attainable housing, the borough and developers worked together to change the zoning to allow the residential use for this project, which provides much-needed housing for dozens of Montgomery County families and contributes to the vibrancy of East Greenville Borough. Project Video

2022 MA Webpage_Perkiomen Creek Dam

Perkiomen Creek Dam Removals and Stream Restorations
Upper Hanover Township

The Perkiomen Creek Dam Removals and Stream Restorations project, an outstanding effort that has successfully resulted in improved water quality, enhanced habitat biodiversity, and restored stream channels, received a 2022 Environmental Stewardship Award for the removal of obsolete dams, resulting stream restorations, and an extensive collaborative process with many community partners. At a total project cost of $275,000 and with support from community partners, this project, which involved the removal of two dams and subsequent stream restorations, will improve water quality for the region, aquatic habitat for these two branches of the Perkiomen Creek, and for Green Lane Park, an important recreation area. Project Video

2022 MA Webpage_Tom Hyton

Thomas J. Hylton
Planning Advocate

Thomas J. Hylton, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, author, and activist, received a 2022 Planning Advocate Award for his life-long advocacy to promoting good planning and design through historic preservation, land conservation, and livable and walkable communities. Through his editorial writing at The Pottstown Mercury as a journalist for 22 years and as a continuing contributor to this date, as well as grass roots work with several nonprofit organizations and local boards, Tom has been the catalyst for change for Pottstown Borough and Montgomery County for over 40 years. Project Video