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Montgomery County is starting work on a new comprehensive plan, Montco 2050: A Comprehensive Plan for a Changing World. This important plan will guide overall growth and future development and will help the county in making planning decisions with an outlook to the year 2050. It focuses on broad issues that affect everyone’s quality of life, including land use; traffic and transit; open space, parks, and trails;  housing; water resources; and the economy. Public opinion is an important element of this planning process, as the plan will ultimately reflect the needs of our residents, and Montco would like to hear from as many voices as possible. We would like to know what planning issues are affecting you and your neighborhood or municipality, what you think should be planning  priorities in the county, and what you perceive as the county’s strengths and opportunities. Below are various ways you can participate in the planning process, and we will be rolling out more ways to get involved in 2023.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you!  

  1. Leave us a comment on our Montco 2050 Padlet.  Padlet is an online spot for sticky notes, links, photos, and suggestions.  It’s organized by topic, and we’ll leave it up for as long as we’re working on the plan documents. 
  2. Take our survey, which is available in Korean, Spanish, and English. Our online Montco 2050 survey  is ready for your feedback, and paper copies of the survey are available by calling 610-278-3727. 
  3. Invite us to visit!  We would be happy to talk more with you, your organization, or your municipality.  Contact us for more information.

Help Us Spread the Word on Montco 2050!

Since Montco 2050 is reflective of public input, we are asking residents, businesses, schools, organizations, and others in the county to help us promote this initiative through social media and other platforms to reach as many members of the public as possible to help create an inclusive, collaborative plan. Please use our Montco 2050 Social Media Toolkit to get the word out on your platforms, and residents, businesses, schools, organizations, and others in the county to help us promote this effort through social media and other platforms, and please forward the link to others. Also, continually check our Facebook and Twitter accounts for an easy way to share information. Thank you! 

Montco 2050 Kickoff Meeting

Public  Events

MCPC offered a public meeting  on October 17, 2022 for the kickoff of Montco 2050. Participants were invited to attend in person or online for the first of many opportunities that will be offered to learn more about our work on Montco 2050.

For questions or comments, contact Anne Leavitt-Gruberger at or 610-278-3727.

Montco 2050 Padlet

Montco 2050 Padlet

Montco 2050 Survey

Montco 2050 Survey

Translated versions of this survey are available in EnglishSpanish and Korean.