Montgomery County Recovery Office

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The Recovery Office connects our community to information, resources, and opportunities and equitably distributes funding throughout Montgomery County. Our goal is to support all residents' health, social, and economic well-being, address racial and other disparities, and serve those in need of assistance. The Recovery Office manages a variety of different funding programs and county-wide projects to support this recovery.


Community Meeting:

Norristown Community Facilities Project

We held a virtual meeting on May 10, 2023, to collaborate directly with the Norristown community and coordinate the planning, design, and implementation of a project that addresses the community's expressed needs. 

During the virtual meeting, we provided a comprehensive status update on the project and highlighted some of the input and feedback we have received from the Norristown community.

Learn more about this project here


| Norristown Community Facilities Project

We would like to thank the community for your active participation and input in our initial meeting held on the Norristown Community Facilities Project. Your voices and feedback will provide the needed core focus in which our framework will be structured. The open and constructive dialogue will continue through the facilitation of ongoing meetings during the development phases of the project and by submission of your thoughts through our provided survey. This collaborative effort will strengthen the success of the project as we aim to have the community be the driving force defining this process.                        

                                                                           We want to hear from you                                                                                                 

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  Please take a few minutes to complete our survey.

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| Small Business Grant Program with a Focus on Minority, Women, and Veteran Owners


The Small Business Grant Program in Montgomery County has concluded its application process. Cash grants of up to $20,000 were provided to qualifying for-profit businesses in the county. Eligibility criteria included being located in Pottstown or Norristown, or experiencing financial losses due to COVID-19.

The program prioritized businesses with 50 or fewer employees and annual gross revenue under $500,000. Non-profit organizations were not eligible. Applications from socially and economically disadvantaged groups were encouraged.

The last notification to grantees will be provided during this month. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through the review process. Stay tuned for future funding opportunities and initiatives to support small businesses in Montgomery County!

Last updated: 4/18/23


Open: Currently accepting applications.

Closed: No longer accepting applications. Grant funding has been awarded. Applicants determined ineligible may re-apply. Click here for more details.

Pending: No longer accepting applications. Applications are currently being reviewed.

 Grants Programs and Other Collaborative Initiatives

  • Fire Services Recovery Grant Program

The Montgomery County Volunteer and Combination Fire Departments have faced economic challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a loss of operating revenue and decreased fundraising opportunities. To support their recovery, the Montgomery County Recovery Office has established the Fire Services Recovery Grant Program. This needs-based grant program, funded with $1,500,000 from the American Rescue Plan Act, aims to address the economic impacts by providing financial assistance to eligible Fire Departments. If your Fire Department has been affected by the pandemic, learn more about this program and how to apply to access these vital funds to mitigate the economic impact. Learn more about this program

  • Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Program Start-Up and Technical Assistance (managed by the Montgomery County Office of Behavioral Health/ Developmental Disabilities/ Early Intervention)

The Montgomery County Recovery Plan has dedicated $5 million to a county-wide grant program, led by the County Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), aimed at establishing and expanding child and adolescent behavioral health services across all 22 school districts in the County. Through a collaborative effort between HHS and the County's Recovery Office, this grant program has empowered schools to submit innovative program proposals. Learn more about this transformative initiative and its positive impact on our community's youth! Coming Soon  

Other Initiatives: 

  • Montgomery County First Time Homebuyers Program Expansion (managed by the Montgomery County Office of Housing and Community Development) 

External Funding Opportunity for Nonprofits - coming soon 


pandemicrecoveryiconPandemic Recovery Fund (ARPA-SLFRF)

Meeting the community where they are

  • The Recovery Office recently held a two-day workshop for Spanish speakers to discuss our latest initiative, the Small Business Grant program, with an attendance of over 18 entrepreneurs from the Latino community.
  • Throughout the year, we held town halls and workshops with minorities and disadvantaged groups across Montgomery County to collaborate and communicate all of our programs and upcoming initiatives.
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