Superior Court Appeals

Domestic Relations Section employees are not attorneys and therefore are unable to give instructions and/or advice with regard to filing a Superior Court Notice of Appeal.

To appeal a Judges Order in a Domestic Relations Section case to the Superior Court, it must be filed within thirty (30) days of the entry of the Order of Court and you must file the following documents with our office:

  • Notice of Appeal;
  • Order for Transcript - Please visit the Court Reporters website to review the process for obtaining a transcript for any Domestic Relations Section court proceeding before a Judge;
  • Certificate of Service (You must serve the presiding Judge and the opposing side);
  • Copy of your PACSES Case docket entries - Please email the Domestic Relations Section to obtain your case docket listing.

Please note, before you submit your Superior Court Notice of Appeal, you must remit the required Superior Court Notice of Appeal fee. Currently, the fee is $90.25, but please review the Superior Court Fee Requirements listing here for any changes in the fee amount. You have 3 options to make this payment:

  1.  ACH payment through our ACH Payment Portal – There is no fee to utilize this method;
  2. Credit card payment through our Credit Card Payment Portal – There is a convenience fee of 2.50% to utilize this method;
  3. Hand deliver a check to our front desk staff made payable to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

Your Superior Court Notice of Appeal will not be sent to the Superior Court until the required fee is presented to our office in the manner outlined above. 

Once you have gathered all of the above required documents and have proof of the required Superior Court Notice of Appeal fee being paid, please click here to submit you Superior Court Notice of Appeal online. Please note, smartphone pictures of filing documents are prohibited. 

If you have any questions or need assistance with the Superior Court Notice of Appeal process please contact our office at 610-278-3646 to speak with a client services representative.