Workforce Partnerships

Building Bridges

The Montgomery County Workforce Development Board, MontcoWorks hosted three Building Bridges: Workforce Partnerships in Action events. Building Bridges aimed to establish networking opportunities and highlight agency resources, current practices of developed community partnerships and solutions to common challenges in servicing the needs of our employers and job seekers. Because of the incredible feedback that we’ve received from our workforce partners and stakeholders, what once was an annual event has culminated to an ongoing stakeholders meeting.

Thank you to all who supported this event and who are now participating in the Quarterly PA CareerLink® Montgomery County Workforce Partner Meeting. If you would like to attend or find out more information, please contact Craig Cuthbert, Operator Manager, PA CareerLink® Montgomery County at .

 The Montgomery County Workforce Development Board, MontcoWorks will continue to Build Bridges.

  • Our workforce partner and stakeholder community will be offered resources and information on trainings to benefit customers as well as opportunities for staff development. We look forward to sponsoring individuals that would like to attend paid trainings and events.
  • We will continue to present a Montgomery County Workforce Partner with the Bridge Builder Award. This award recognizes a workforce partner who has worked to establish or support connections between workforce organizations, employers, job seekers, students, groups or individuals.
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