Community Services

What Type of Agency Is Needed for the Community Service Program?
Agencies participating in the Community Service Program (CSP) should be nonprofit, government, and community-based organizations. Organizations such as hospitals, health care centers, and nursing homes may be acceptable as CSP agencies if they have a nondiscriminatory admittance policy (e.g., accept Medicare, Medicaid, Medical Assistance, etc.).

Agencies are restricted from using CSP workers for political or religious proselytizing (e.g., "get out the vote" campaigns, "witnessing," etc.), solicitation for money, or the dispensing of alcoholic beverages.

To see how this program may help your agency, please call the community service coordinator at 610-992-7777 for a brochure.

How Does an Agency Obtain Court approval?
An agency must first meet the criteria listed above, select a staff member to serve as a point of contact, and complete and fax the Community Agency Information Form and the Community Service Agency Agreement Form to the community service coordinator at 610-992-7778 (fax number).