Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)


The Montgomery County Planning Commission (MCPC) encourages municipalities with transit access, especially Regional Rail stations, to plan for and promote a greater density of development and mix of land uses around transit resources by creating transit-oriented development (TOD) zoning districts. The TOD Model Ordinance and Guidebook outlines background information, design best practices, and model ordinance language to help municipalities plan for transit-oriented development in their communities.

Examples of TOD in Montgomery County

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The Transit-Oriented Development Model Ordinance and guidebook provides information and a framework for how communities can encourage development designed to take advantage of transit access and support increased transit ridership. The document is organized into the following sections:

  • Section 1 includes an overview of transit-oriented development and regional trends such as ridership levels and land development activity.
  • Section 2 provides a description of the five types of station areas located within the county, as well as new building types and land use mix that would be most appropriate for each station area typology.
  • Section 3 highlights five key design elements and best practices for successful TOD projects.
  • Section 4 contains model ordinance language for communities that wish to encourage TOD, with different options based on station area typology.
  • The Appendices include an example of how to implement the model TOD ordinance and station area typologies using the Moore Park area of Upper Merion Township and the proposed King of Prussia Rail project. Also included in the Appendices are a list of stations by station area typology and a list of resources for additional information.

If you would like to explore these TOD concepts and the model ordinance through a fun, easy-to-use digital platform, please check out the TOD Digital Web Experience.

Experience TOD In Montgomery County

The brochures below contain walking tour maps and case studies of recent transit-oriented developments highlighting examples of the five station area typologies in Montgomery County. Design best practices, such as streetscape design, public gathering space, cooperative parking, and interconnections to other modes of transportation, are also highlighted.

Planning Smarter Event

A Planning Smarter event was held on October 28, 2021 to unveil the TOD model ordinance and guidebook. Materials from the event are provided below.