Climate Change & Sustainability Planning

One of the Environmental Planning Section’s responsibilities is to share resources and support the communities as they work to be resilient and adaptive to climate change. We collaborate with county departments, municipalities, businesses, institution, residents, and other stakeholders to address climate change by developing policies, programs, and tools to reduce energy use, protect natural resources, and reduce pollution.

Striving to be a leader and example, the County Commissioners established the Energy, Resiliency, and Sustainability (ERS) Program in 2019 to connect county staff across a range of departments concerning sustainability topics. Recognizing that county department are vastly different, the ERS Program explores flexible ways to implement change and achieve progress towards lasting long-term sustainability. 

Additionally, the Environmental Planning Section helped establish the Montgomery County Resiliency Partnership; a collaborate effort between municipalities and the county to promote and take action towards a more resilient and sustainability future for the region.