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Current & Past Plans   

FEMA Mitigation Guidance 

Mitigation Ideas: A Resource for Reducing Risk to Natural Hazards (2013) reviews a range of potential mitigation actions to reduce risk from natural hazards and disasters. 

Implement, Integrate and Maintain Mitigation Planning Activities. Mitigation is most effective when it is part of other community planning processes, regulations, and policies. These publications will help communities integrate principles of hazard mitigation with planning efforts.

FEMA’s Mitigation Best Practices Portfolio is a resource for searching and learning about hazard mitigation best practices. 

The Building Science Branch offers guidance on how to create disaster-resilient communities. Their library of publications provides approaches and ideas for mitigation activities, from building codes to structural solutions. 

A Guide to Supporting Engagement and Resiliency in Rural Communities discusses outreach and engagement activities, including mitigation planning that address rural communities’ needs and considerations.