Green Lane Park was previously awarded a DCNR Community conservation partnership program grant for the update of the park's master site development plan.  Master plans provide a framework to guide management and park decisions for years to come.  Throughout the process, it is imperative to allow the public to participate so that all user groups are heard to determine future park needs.  If you would be interested in participating, please contact

*** UPDATE on the Master Plan ***

The consulting firm Simone Collins was selected to construct the Green Lane Park Master Plan in late November of 2022.  Following that announcement, a schedule was formulated and discussed with the Executive Committee in early January 2023 that included several meetings that would be taking place over the next year and half, likely ending in summer of 2024.  The meetings schedule includes several classifications from a Steering Committee that is made up of some Executive Committee members, elected officials from both Townships and Borough's that Green Lane Park resides within, along with neighboring municipality Recreation Board and Planning Commission members, local business owners, and members from the non-profit Friends of Green Lane Park board.  Additionally, breakaway meetings and Focus Groups will spawn out of the Steering Committee meetings over the next year and half, all of which will serve it's own purpose and topic for the future of the park.  Those from the PUBLIC that wish to attend any and all Public Meetings are encouraged to do so and can find the announcements of each Public Meeting Date as they are posted below, we welcome the community to become active in attending the Public Meetings as this is a unique opportunity to voice your concerns, wishes for park improvements and advancements as we look for the publics opinion of what the future of Green Lane Park could become for all to enjoy!  Thank You for your interests and we look forward to seeing everyone at our next Public Meeting!

PUBLIC MEETING #1 - will be held at the Green Lane Borough Fire Hall, located at the address listed below on Wednesday, April 5th at 7pm.         (Please use the rear entrance to Borough Hall to enter the Fire Hall for all that wish to attend).

Green Lane Borough

PO Box 514

214 Main Street

Green Lane, PA  18054


Boat registration will begin on Wednesday March 1st, 2023.

Call the main park office at 215-234-4528 to make an appointment for registration.  Registration is at the Green Lane Park Main Office, located at 2144 Snyder Rd., Green Lane, PA 18054.


The first day you may bring a watercraft to Walt Rd. to begin the AQUA-required 10-day quarantine is Wednesday March 22nd, 2023 (if registered).

PA Trout Opening Day is Saturday April 1st, 2023.  This will be the first day you may use your watercraft on the reservoir following your crafts 10-day quarantine.

Please call the park office at 215-234-4528 with any questions.

**We at the park wanted to put out some information about all of the tree work that has been and will be going on here at GLP in the future.

The emerald ash borer beetle has degraded numerous trees in and around the park. We are committed to only removing potentially dangerous trees around the park and trails.

Please be aware that this is happening throughout the County and with other parks in our department.

We will put out more information as we get it.

On a side note, with all of the tree loss, the park has partnered with the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy to do two tree plantings a year for the next couple of years. Thanks to Ryan and the crew there!

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