MontcoStrong 2021 Non-Profit Resiliency Grant Program


Update – On October 14th, 2021 the Redevelopment Authority of Montgomery County approved the 225 grant awards for the MontcoStrong 2021 Non-Profit Resiliency Grant Program.  The RDA is contacting the awardees via email to begin the contracting and disbursement process.  The list of awardees can be found here.

To provide non-profit entities with financial support so they are resilient as employers and stakeholders in our communities due to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic as well as to ensure these organizations are able to be active participants in the restoration of the wellbeing & livelihood of our residents, businesses, and communities, the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners is making available resources for the MontcoStrong 2021 Non-Profit Resiliency Grant Program.

Up to $5,000,000 in funding is being made available for this program to help provide operational support for eligible applicants.  The program is being administered by the Montgomery County Commerce Department through the Redevelopment Authority of Montgomery County.  The application window will open at Noon on Monday, July 19, 2021 and close at Noon on Tuesday, August 10, 2021.

Program Information

The application window for this program closed at Noon on Tuesday, August 10, 2021.  Grant awards are expected to be announced in early to mid-September 2021.  As of the morning of August 10, 2021 there were more than 230 applications received.  A final tally of applicants and grant award information will be posted online once all grant awards are approved and announced.

To learn more about the program, please read the Program Guidelines, Program FAQ, and the Application Preview.

There are several differences from the last MontcoStrong grant program for non-profits.  The most notably are the types of organizations that are eligible, the eligible use of funds, and amount of grant dollars an organization can apply for (this requires a formulaic calculation as described in the guidelines). 

Program Questions

Update – September 7, 2021 – Due to a higher than expected number of applications and related circumstances, the review process for the MontcoStrong 2021 Non-Profit Resiliency Grant Program is taking longer than initially expected.  Rest assured, application review is still underway and we anticipate being able to announce awards in mid to late September.  For the latest updates, please check back to this webpage regularly.  Thank you to all applicants for their understanding.

Questions regarding program eligibility, allowable use of grant funds, and the program application process can be submitted in writing using the Commerce Department’s online assistance form, found here.  

Please note that submission of an application is not a guarantee of funding.  Furthermore, appeals on grant decisions are not accepted and feedback on specific grant applications are not provided.  By submitting an application, an applicant acknowledges and accepts these conditions.