Bingocize® combines a bingo-like game with exercise and health education. The program has been shown to increase older adults’ functional fitness, health knowledge, and social engagement in a variety of settings.

The overall goals of the program are to help older adults:

  • Improve and/or maintain mobility and independence,
  • Learn and use health information focused on falls reduction and other health-related behaviors, and
  • Socially engage with other older adults.

Participants (Bingocizers©) complete a series of strategically inserted exercises designed to increase or decrease the intensity and volume of exercise. Health education questions are also inserted into the game. Participants rest while numbers are called for the bingo game, complete more strategically inserted exercises or health education questions, rest during number calling, and so on. This pattern is continued until a Bingocizer© wins the game. Additional games are played until all planned exercises are completed or 1 hour elapses.

Length of program: 2 sessions a week, for 10 weeks 

Offered: In-person or virtually

Cost: Free

Contact: Email Claire Kuzmicki or call 610-278-3426