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PA CareerLink® Montgomery County, a proud partner of the American Job Center Network, is Montgomery County’s one stop system of workforce services designed to meet the needs of employers. Services range from labor market information and job posting assistance to job fairs, training opportunities and much more. MontcoWorks*NOW serves youth and young adults as part of the one-stop system and can support current workforce needs as well as talent pipeline development. A Business Services Representative (BSR) is your point of contact for all of these services. 

  • Connect! Register for a free account with PA CareerLink® online and get instant access to thousands of potential candidates and a

    variety of free services to help promote your business.

  • Hire! Get customized resources from a trained Business Services Representative, including job posting support, to find qualified candidates to meet the needs of your company.

  • Develop! Invest in your future workforce through pipeline development activities with the MontcoWorks*NOW program for youth and young adults.

  • Train! Learn about training options that best suit your business needs including Customized Job Training, On-the-Job Training, Paid Work Experience, Pre-Apprenticeships, and Apprenticeships.

  • Retain! Keep your workforce strong with resources for professional development and skill upgrades through SkillUp™ PA or Incumbent Worker Training.

This list is intended to give an example of some of the many services available through PA CareerLink® Montgomery County programming. Additional services may be available based upon special initiatives or grant funding. Eligibility requirements may apply to some services. Please talk to us for specifics on how programming can best meet your needs.


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Watch this Employer Information Session to learn about available resources for employers delivered by staff from the Commerce Department,  MontcoWorks, PA CareerLink® Montgomery County, & MontcoWorks*NOW.

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Watch this video to learn more about the mission of the PA CareerLink® Montgomery County 's Business Services Team and how they can help employers thrive.

Meet our team

If you have any questions or would like additional information, click on any of our team members below to send an email.

Karen Smith Burden

KSBKaren has many years of experience in matching businesses with consultants, employees and services across county lines. At the PA CareerLink® Montgomery County, she has a demonstrated history of working with individual businesses and Partnerships in various fields. Seasoned at making connections, building bridges and creating new avenues for service, she assists employers with finding and developing new talent. In today’s workforce world she is passionate, resilient, versatile, and resolute. She strives to facilitate the growth and development of individuals and businesses alike.

Kelvin Onchitta

Kelvin Onchitta

Kelvin joined the PA CareerLink® Montgomery County Business Services Team as the Business Services Recruiter.  Kelvin is instrumental in supporting the Business Service Team with various workforce-related activities. He assists PA CareerLink® career seekers prepare for employment opportunities and career growth. With a customer service background, Kelvin has the ability to develop and maintain relationships with employers as well as customers. Kelvin finds it rewarding knowing that he helps career seekers establish and successfully reach their employment goals. 

Thomas LePera

Thomas Lepera Business PictureTom enjoys being an experienced Business Services Representative and looks forward to working with employers to determine and plan individualized services needed to give them a competitive edge in today’s economy. He understands the area’s labor market trends and knows the demographics and skills of career seekers. Tom works closely with the PA CareerLink® career services team to identify and refer candidates whose skills and experience match employment requirements. This work also includes setting up recruitment events, organizing job fairs, posting job openings, and customizing a service plan. Tom is committed to providing your company with innovative staffing solutions while also serving the needs of career seekers.

Caroline Remelius

Caroline Remelius

Caroline works to build lasting connections between herself, employers, and career seekers by meeting them where they are and offering various avenues of support. She supports employers through hiring events, posting job openings, and reaching out to individual job seekers that match employment criteria. She understands the next generation’s goals in the workplace and how employers can leverage those ambitions to hire employees who are motivated to excel. In a fast-moving world, she is steadfast, adaptable, and engaged in all aspects of her role as a Business Services Representative.

Contact the Montgomery County Commerce Department

If you are interested in additional services or need more information, complete our Business Assistance Form and a Commerce Department representative will follow up.

Montco Career Connections

Attention Montgomery  County Employers!

Montco Career Connections, powered by Nepris, is an online platform that allows over 225,000 educators, both in Montgomery County and throughout the country, to connect with businesses in various capacities. By signing up to be a member at Montco Career Connections, each business will receive FREE EXPOSURE and ADVERTISING through the “organizations” tab on the website. In addition, a business can choose to digitally connect with classrooms through live teacher requested video sessions, as well as offer a live industry chat to share industry knowledge with one or more classrooms. This is a great way for businesses to create community connections and inspire their future employees

For businesses who would like to take advantage of this incredible opportunity, they can sign up for Montco Career Connections by contacting Megan at or 484-416-6800.

Click on the links to informational resources below: 

If there are questions about signing up for a Nepris account, businesses can connect with Megan at or 484-416-6800. 

Career Pathways with the PA CareerLink® Montgomery County 
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Lisa McCallion, McCallion Staffing

McCallion Staffing has been a partner of PA CareerLink® for nearly 20 years. In addition to using our services to post open job opportunities to our website and source applicants from job seekers who are registered with PA CareerLink®, McCallion Staffing has championed our innovation outreach efforts by being featured as our first employer guest on our new Podcast series, Career Pathways. Says Lisa McCallion, President and owner of McCallion Staffing, “This [Podcast] turned out great. It is very professional! I hope we can encourage more people to get back out to work. I look forward to hearing more episodes in the series” –Lisa.

Jennifer Kloss, KenCrest

"Thomas has been a great help to us at KenCrest, and he actually was the one who sent me to the Partnership TMA"- Jennifer

Jamie Hoffman, Align Precision

J Hoffman“People are the way! Incumbent Worker Training funds have been instrumental in driving employee success by providing Align Precision with additional means to invest in our workforce. Through these funds, we have offered comprehensive training and coaching initiatives on our complex components and assembly. These opportunities enhance employees' skills, knowledge, and overall well-being, leading to increased job satisfaction, improved performance, and professional growth. By utilizing these funds, we have been able to create an environment that fosters continuous learning, personal development, and support, ultimately empowering our workforce to thrive and achieve their full potential. We are thankful for the opportunity to support our employees, who are local residents in the county, with the use of these funds.” -Jamie

PA CareerLink® Montgomery County is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. For program funding details in compliance with the Stevens Amendment, please visit