Black History Month

2023 National Theme: Black Resistance

“The Black History Month Committee appreciates the opportunity and responsibility to extend our reach, while welcoming back guests over the past 17 years. A more objective historical education for all, is as important as providing it with thoughtfulness, fairness, and integrity. Sharing the whole experience, rather than simply what is comfortable, helps to respect the point of view of those who lived and died from this past and present existence.

Resistance is defined as: “the refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument” 

No one of rational thinking, with a grasp of right & wrong, should tolerate injustice of any kind. To not resist is to accept what is happening. African Americans and People of Color have not tolerated the various forms of systemic hate and injustice that have been part of the whole American experience – one which boasts, Liberty and Justice for All. Many take for granted the nurtured lives they live, without a thought of the opposite experience, which others live daily. Everyone should resist oppression, inequality, and injustice. Historically, African Americans have and require a strong faith and it is against our faith and spirit to accept that anyone other than God is in control. What was meant to oppress has nurtured the opposite effect, creating a people of resilience, strength, and endurance. Join us as we share lessons and blessings from the journey of Black Resistance.”  (L.Willis)

Black History Month Flyer 2023

Virtual Events

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Registration is required for each event. You will receive the Zoom link to the event after you register.

  • Wednesday, February 1: Housing, Homelessness, and Food Programs - PROGRAM RECORDING
  • Wednesday, February 8: Education, Financial Institutions, and Employment - PROGRAM RECORDING
  • Wednesday, February 15: Law Enforcement, Policing, and Community Advocacy and Organizing - PROGRAM RECORDING

In-Person Event

Our in-person event has returned! This is a celebration with music, singing, dancing, etc. Registration is not required to attend. Lunch will be served after the program.

Wednesday, February 22
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
1430 DeKalb Street, Norristown, PA 19401
Community Room, 1st floor

Parking: Off-street parking is available or parking in garage is $5.00.

2023 Committee Members

NameOffice/OrganizationNumber of Years on the Committee
Shanita FieldsHHS Office of Community Information & Education3
Lora GonzalezHHS7
Anya GoodmanHHS Office of Public Health6
Garfield JacksonBig Brothers Big Sisters Independence13+
Mila HayesVoter Services1
Hakim JonesMontgomery County Intermediate Unit13+
Juanita RobinsonMontgomery County Office of Children & Youth3
Jason SalusMontgomery County Treasurer4
Sonya SandersMontgomery County Sheriff's Office5
Tammy TarloskiMontgomery County Department of Health and Human Services4
Lynne WillisHHS Office of Community Connections18

Bonus Material

Listen to a local student from Norristown Area School District - Brianna Arroyo's rendition of Lift Every Voice and Sing.